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Write Your Transformative Book Now 

FREE COURSE: Five Steps to Fast Track Your Book and Get it into the Hands of Everyone That Needs Its Wisdom
  • Overcome self-doubt holding you back from writing your book

  • Implement a plan to stop procrastination

  • Upgrade your habits to write a powerful book fast

  • Clarify your book's central message

  • Create a blueprint to write your book


As a coach, healer, or entrepreneur, get clarity on your message, write your book, and change lives.

About us


Rachel Leroy

The Compassionate

Book Writing Coach

Who Gets Results

Got a Writing or Editing Question? 



Tips and Tricks To Write Book

  • Learn writing and editing secrets and shortcuts

  • Write your nonfiction transformational book

  • Save time and money

Three Ways to Work with Me

  • Free discovery call on Five Ways to Fast Track Your Book

  • Perfect Book Blueprint Assessment

  • Write, edit, and finish your book with coaching and editing services



"Rachel was always thorough and punctual. She gave helpful suggestions without being pushy. I loved the way she pulled the words out of me instead of telling me what words to use. I would totally recommend Rachael as an editor. If I ever write another book I will give her a call. Sign me “Happy customer."" 

~ June LaRose

"I have been working with Rachel since April 2019. I am a tenure-track professor and I contacted Rachel because I needed a writing coach and an editor. English is not my first language and I tend to self-doubt a lot. I needed somebody to keep me on a schedule, a person who would check my English and my ideas, but also somebody who would give me honest feedback. Rachel does all of that and more! She is fantastic and I am so glad I found her!"

~ Roxane P.

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