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My Journey

Hi, I'm Rachel Leroy, The Compassionate Book Writing Coach Who 
Gets Results








Hi, I'm Rachel. I started Rachel Leroy Consulting because everybody these days wants to write a book, but they don't know how to get started or get stuck along the way. So many healers, coaches, and entrepreneurs have a transformational nonfiction book inside them, but they often have fears holding them back.


People need your unique life-changing message!  Many die with their books still inside them. I'm here see that doesn't happen and to help you get past your fears and get your life-changing message in the hands of those that need it. 



The Five-Step Process to Fast Track Your Book, the Perfect Book Blueprint, and one-on-one coaching can help you finish your book. I work with you one-on-one and customize a plan to perfect and finish your book so you can grow your business, change the world, and stop striving and start thriving. 


Get Your Message to the World





As a highly sensitive person (HSP), INFJ, and empath, I know a thing or two about childhood trauma, depression, and anxiety, and their impacts. So many people are hurting or stuck. They feel like something is wrong with them and that they can't heal. But there isn't and they can. They just haven't found the right tools. The world your unique message to heal the world and get people unstuck. 


My purpose is to help HSP's, empaths, and INFP's/J's with emotional healing, psychology, and Christian living messages get those out into the world and to those who are hurting. I will act as your mentor and guide to change the world, bring healing to your audience, and grow your following and platform. 


Part of starting my company was to help those who have experienced childhood abuse, neglect, and trauma find emotional recovery, even when they've stopped believing they can heal. The world is hurting, but there is a way out. People need your message. Your book may resonate with someone when nothing else does. My job is to help bring your unique message to the world!

My Journey

I love reading and creative writing. I started creating stories by building elaborate worlds with My Little Ponies, dreaming of other worlds under the night sky, and it grew from there. My love for Star Wars and Dune universes got me into writing and editing.


I earned my Master's in Fine Arts in Creative Writing from Sewanee School of Letters (University of the South) and a Master's in English Literature from Georgia Southern. I'm a university professor and former team lead of other writing faculty with almost twenty years' experience teaching university writing including academic writing, nonfiction, argumentation, creative writing, fiction, and poetry. This  includes extensive experience editing, teaching editing, and working as a consultant in writing centers.

Five years' experience coaching students one-on-one in academic, business, and creative writing, as well as speaking, listening, and reading in English gives me unique experience to mentor you through every step of the writing process.  I've also designed writing courses for university and the online marketplace on sites such as Skillshare and Udemy, so I can customize a perfect plan for you! I have extensive experience editing writing, teaching editing, and working with and coaching writers.


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