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Rachel Leroy


 I know what it's like to feel that fire under your skin that there is something more that you want to do with your life, but to not know where to start or fit the world's ideal mold. I know what it's like to want to learn things when they don't come naturally to you. I know what it's like be knocked down again and gain, and to get back up. I know what it's like to persist on days when you don't know what you're doing or if you'll make it, and make it work anyway. I take these personal experiences and use them to relate to you with understanding and compassion. I've achieved many goals despite challenges, and I can help you do the same in your writing life or your journey to emotional wholeness, because I understand what it's like to be there. You only have to be willing. I can help you Stop Striving and Start Thriving. 

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Rachel Leroy

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"When I started the course I wondered if I bought a course I didn't need. I soon came across some of the mistakes I frequently make and watched the videos more closely. What a wealth of strategies! It will take me quite a while to use them and get used to them, but I will - thanks Rachel!"

~ Angelika Davey

"This course is helping me already. We are fortunate to have you as one of the teachers here at Udemy .Thank you."

~ Sheryl Powell

"Great examples and advice. The bracket technique was especially helpful. As a person who loves words I tend to be overly descriptive. I need to be better about editing and you reminded me of that. Thanks so much!"

~ Mina

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