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Book Writing Coach and Editor

I work with INFJ's/P's, HSP's (highly sensitive), and empaths who are healers, coaches, and entrepreneurs and have a healing message for the world, but aren't sure how to get it out there. 

I know what it feels like to be sensitive, idealistic, and empathic in a world that isn't. Not all book coaches are made the same. I meet you where you are, because I'm like you. The world is hurting. You have a unique healing gift and message the world needs.

I apply a balance of compassion and accountability to help you through your fears while keeping you on track to finish your book.  

My Unique Approach:

Compassion + Accountability=Results

As a coach, we work on resistance and accountability as well as productivity and setting and achieving goals. I work with you to empower your message by helping your discover your unique voice. 

I customize a plan for you at any and all stages of the writing process from idea creation to putting the final touches and edits on your book.

Are you afraid you can't write your book? 

We'll work to overcome self-doubt holding you back from writing your book.

Are you putting off writing your book?

We'll implement a plan to stop procrastination.

Are you disorganized and intimidated by the process?

We'll create a plan to upgrade your habits to write a powerful book fast.

Are you not sure what to say in your book?

We'll clarify your book's central message. 

Are you not sure how to write what you need to say?

We'll create and follow a blueprint to write your book and I'll show you how to say it in your own voice.











Image by Clemens van Lay

There Are Two Ways to Work with Me:

 Book Coaching


Book Editing 

Book Coaching


Book Coaching Services-You’ve got a healing message in you, and you need help bringing your message to the page.  

Start by downloading the free Five Steps to Fast Track Your Book Guide. Work through the Guide series and then sign up for a Book Breakthrough Discovery Call. It's FREE. This call will guide your toward clarity on your book's vision.


Book coaching isn’t for everyone, so these two steps are a good place to start to see if book coaching is right for you and if I’m a good fit for you. If we work together, I’ll customize a coaching package that fits your needs. 

There are four ways to work with me as your coach. 


  1. Free coaching-Five Steps to Fast Track Your Book Guide and Book Breakthrough Discovery Call.

  2. Five Steps to Fast Track Your Book Coaching Session-GO HERE to find out more.

  3. Perfect Book Blueprint Evaluation-GO HERE to find out more.

  4. Full coaching packages-Sign up for Breakthrough Discovery Call and we'll discuss your needs.

Book Editing

Book Editing Services-You’ve written all or most of your book and need help with grammar, structure, clarity, central message, and/or organization. Not sure what to do next? Start here:

1. Read these three articles to show learn more about how to choose an editor. 

2. Sign up for a free Editing Discovery Call.


There two ways to work with me as your editor:


  1. Set up a free Editing Discovery Call to speak about your editing needs, and I’ll customize a plan to meet your needs.

  2. Get a discounted Chapter Assessment. See if I'm the right editor for you. GO HERE to find out more.

There are four kinds of editing:


  1. Substantive/Developmental Editing: Includes a full content edit for clarity and power of central message for intended audience, chapter and paragraph organization, and copy editing.  

  2. Line Editing: Includes a combination of full copy editing and some basic substantive/developmental editing.

  3. Copy Editing: Check for sentence structure, grammar, spelling, and factual accuracy.

  4. Proof Reading: Looking for grammar, spelling, and typos for the final proof before publishing.

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