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English Language Coach

 What Can I Do for You?

Are you worried your English conversation doesn't sound native? Are you concerned flaws in your professional English writing is making you miss opportunities? Are you self conscious about your English language skills like pronunciation and grammar? 


I know what it's like to work hard for something and overcome obstacles to your dreams. I know what it's like to not have things handed to you. I know what it's like to watch the other guy get ahead when you don't. I take these personal experiences and use them to relate to you with compassion and care. I have many achieved goals in spite of challenges, and I can help you do the same, because I understand what it's like to be there. I help students Stop Striving and Start Writing!

My teaching approach includes working with international students, background in foreign languages, and commitment to student success. I appreciate the challenges people face in dealing with language and cultural barriers, and misunderstandings that can occur when English speakers do not understand these barriers.
I passionately encourage learners in adapting to their new surroundings and advocate for educating the public on language and cultural barriers, inside and outside of the classroom. My previous teaching experience, which included ESL (English as a Second Language) students professionals from all over the world, gives me appropriate experience to teach successfully online, interact effectively with diverse individuals, and coach students in English from all over the world.
Overall, I desire to see you succeed by assessing your strengths and weaknesses and individualizing and adjusting our interactions accordingly. As an instructor, consistently positive teaching evaluations demonstrate excellence in teaching, and positive comments on evaluations show good rapport with students.


Who I Coach

International Professionals/ESL

If you're an international professional who struggles or feels embarrassed with gaps in your English writing, speaking, listening, or reading skills, I can help you develop more experience and confidence in your communication and fill in those gaps in the process. Over time, you'll gain more proficiency and confidence writing in English interacting with English speaking colleagues in professional and social settings.

International Students

If you're an international student writing papers in English, it's difficult to express ideas effectively in English. Do you have trouble finding the right words, spotting every grammar issue that might be challenging you (such as articles, prepositions, and verb tenses), and feeling confident about the clarity of your ideas? I can help you through the writing process either by coaching you through your project and giving feedback, or by looking over your final product and making corrections. 

ESL Professionals Who Write and Speak in the Workplace

If you've had colleagues criticize your writing or lost a job to someone else because of poor writing in a resume or cover letter, I know what the sting of disappointment feels like. I can help you in one of two ways, either coach you in workplace and business writing or conversation or help you revise your work into a killer workplace project. Whether you need help with resumes, cover letters, emails, business letters, projects, or reports, or you need help communicating with clients, managers, and coworkers with confidence and fluency, I can help you create writing that will catch a colleague's, interviewer's, or client's eye. 


Don't Fit Any of These Descriptions?

That's okay! Fill in the message form, and we'll set up a free 20 minute consultation to discuss your needs. We can customize a plan that works for you. 


What We Offer--Services and Rates

Regardless of your writing goals, I have the expertise to help you stand out above the crowd. I know what it's like to learn things when they don't come naturally to you. From my professional experience and understanding of challenges, I relate to you with understanding and care. I have many achieved goals in spite of challenges, and I can help you do the same, because I understand what it's like to be there. My style is professional, flexible, and compassionate.

Who This Service Is For:

international professionals, students, and English as a Second (Third, or Fourth) Language individuals, any English learner who is intermediate or advanced in English

What This Service Provides:

I can help you become more confident and fluent in your English language communication so you can improve in interactions with colleagues, clients, and friends to give you an edge. I can also help those who want to learn better English for personal enrichment. English language coaching includes a variety of coaching activities customized to your concerns, preferences, and aptitude. We can do a combination of activities during sessions. The style is professional, customized, and laid back. We can do a combination of conversation, listening, speaking, reading articles, grammar exercises and lessons, and writing activities and coaching. In any session, we may do two or three of these activities to help you target different areas of your English language skills. I also coach students on TOEFL writing, reading, listening, and speaking. I specialize in conversation and writing coaching, and can help with any language needs. 


Prices and Bundling

$50 for a single 45-minutes session that might include conversation, article reading, listening, speaking, grammar lessons and exercises, and other activities to improve your  


Add-on $10.00 to review a writing piece of approximately 1000 words

Add-on $5 for each additional 250 words for writing piece review


$250 for five 45-minute coaching sessions with paper various activities excluding writing coaching

$500 for ten 45-minute coaching sessions with various activities excluding writing coaching

Not interested in coaching, but still want feedback on your work? No problem! If you want feedback, revision, and corrections on any kind of document including ESL writing, academic papers and assignments, blogs, books, speeches, cover letters, emails, presentations, letters, or other documents, Please fill out the form and I'll get back to you so we can work out a customized plan for editing. 

Who This Service Is For


academic writers, ESL students and professionals, bloggers, novelists and nonfiction writers, creative writers, workplace and business writers, job applicants

What This Service Provides

Proofreading: Doing a quick look-over for edits on the final product

Copyediting: Checking for errors, inconsistencies, and repetition--both grammar and content

Developmental Editing: Doing an overhaul (if necessary) on logic, main idea, organization, and effect, in addition to grammar and structure

We'll set up a customized strategy and price based on your project, your goals, and the level of attention your project needs. Proofreading is the least involved, and developmental editing is the most involved, and so prices will vary accordingly. 

Don't fit any of these categories but still want coaching or help? No problem! Please fill out the message form and I'll respond to you soon! We can customize a plan that will work for your needs. Regardless of your needs, we'll start with a free 20 minute to see if we're a good fit, so setting up a consultation is no risk to you. 

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